Battery Collection - Setup

Setting up your Battery Transport and Storage box

Setting your new Battery Transport and storage box is easy – watch the above video or please follow the link to see how simple it is!

Outdoor Storage of Used Lead Acid Batteries

If your Battery Transport & Storage Container is installed outdoors we recommend that you keep the Container closed to prevent the 25L bunded base filling with water when it rains. This video demonstrates how to safely open and close the Battery Container. When assembled in the A Frame position it is important the latches secure the front panel to the Container. This prevents any injuries from the panel being blown over by a strong wind gust.

Closing & Preparing
the BTS Container for Transport

Demonstrates how to close and secure the BTS Container, ready for transport. Also includes transport documentation options when shipping the container using a third party transport provider.

Cleaning The BTS Container

If you are using the BTS Container for storing & transporting used wet, lead acid batteries, it is inevitable you will accumulate acid / electrolyte in the base. We recommend using Soda Ash to neutralise any acid. The video below demonstrates cleaning the container using a high pressure water gun.