Battery Box Recycling

The Metal Recovery Industries Battery Storage & Transport Container

We specialise in minesite used lead battery collection. Our Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) boxes were purposely designed as a lead acid battery container. It is a compliant, safe and environmentally responsible storage and transportation system for used lead acid batteries.

The Metal Recovery Industries’ BTS Box delivers maximum safety while reducing the environmental impact of used lead acid batteries:

  • It includes a unique & patented front-loading feature for the ergonomically safe loading of batteries
  • It’s incredibly robust construction ensures that your batteries are being transported in the safest way possible. The BTS Container is manufactured with 90kg of LDPE plastic and assembled using 4, 8mm stainless steel rods and secured using 6 stainless steel, self-closing, over-centre latches (Snap-Flat). Each Snap-flat latch has a breaking strain in excess of 1 Tonne.
  • The 25L bunded base, Dangerous Goods signage and ability to close the container further ensures compliance with lead acid battery storage regulations. It also minimizes the risk of acid leaks entering into the environment.
  • The BTS Box reduces operator discretion when packaging batteries for transport (no wrapping, strapping or separators are required and DG labels are already provided), thus helping ensure compliance with lead acid battery transport regulations.