Battery Collection - Shipping

Dangerous Goods Transportation Documentation

Follow this link to the Dangerous Goods Transportation Documentation template that must be completed for each shipment

Shipping your Battery Box is easy:

  1. Fill your box with approved batteries, stacked snuggly to the top
  2. Book in your transport
    • Advise you are shipping DG Class 8 -UN2794 and UN2800 number and give the driver a copy of the MSD sheets
  3. Send us an email to let us know how many boxes are coming
  4. Your boxes will be unloaded and shipped back to site asap


You will note that each box is clearly marked will all relevant safety information. PLUS the shipping label is simply flipped over each time to display the new shipping address.

We recommend that you send, all but one, full battery boxes to ensure you have a safe place to store additional batteries while your boxes are unloaded and returned.

Lead acid batteries must be transported in accordance with various federal & state regulations including dangerous goods, hazardous waste, road transport and workplace safety. I have confirmed that Toll NQX are able to ship your used batteries, on your shipping account. Your warehouse team can simply access the Mytoll website and book in your pickup on your standard toll NQX account. At the time of booking they will need to advise that they are shipping DG Class 8 – UN2794 and UN2800 and supply the MSD sheets.

Box Details

  • Load capacity up to 1.2 tones
  • Approx 60 regular car batteries (stacked 4 high)
  • Bunded capacity 25L
  • When full: 1260mm high x 1050mm deep x 1150mm wide
  • When collapsed for empty transport: 580mm high x 1050mm deep x 1150mm wide
  • 95 Kgs when empty


Closing & Preparing the BTS Container for Transport

Demonstrates how to close and secure the BTS Container, ready for transport. Also includes transport documentation options when shipping the container using a third party transport provider.